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What We Believe:

Every organization should ADVANCE BY ATHLETICS and every individual can BE AN ATHLETE ®. 
Those in the world of sports and business should Expect Greatness.

What We Deliver:

Utilize our resources and assets to optimize customers and partners in the areas of sports, entertainment, and media through our athletic resources.


To Advance Athletics


JATO Athletics is a boutique enterprise that focuses on the marketing, management and performance in and of sports, entertainment, and media.  Core divisions include Athetic Programs, Apparel and Merchandise, Media, Travel and Finance.  JATO's existence since 1981 is based on a mother and two brothers dedicated to sports around the world...striving to be the world's best outsourced athletic resource.  JATO is defined by one expression: Expect Greatness.  This sports enterprise with a focus on youth athletics: Provides and promotes superior and cost effective sport training through specialized athletic programs and events; Provides quality clothing and merchandise for those in and of sports including performance and daily wear; Operates and consults in the areas of sports finance, marketing and management.  JATO is built to advance athletics, dress athletes and supporters in athletics, consult with entities in athletics, give back to the community through athletics, promote athletics, deliver athletics, plan and execute athletics, and fund athletics.

The Story:

JATO Athletics dates back to 1979, with a move from New York to Texas and a Mom recognizing a need for a junior athletic program...  JATO Athletics (originally Sports Line) made its first dollar with 6 one week summer tennis sessions for juniors held at the local University. Good news traveled fast and before long the Junior Tennis Camp was a huge success.  Juniors could now pursue their passion for the game of tennis, have fun and meet new friends in a very healthy environment.  Her two sons, Jay and Todd, grew up within this atmosphere.  They were summer campers every day, every week, every year until they were old enough to become JATO Staff.

JATO continued to provide the most successful day camp and tennis league program in the area for over a decade. In the summer of 1993, JATO was able to upgrade and extend their facilities to add soccer as a new sport. The key to this new sport and the evolution of JATO was the involvement of Jay and Todd.  As scholarship NCAA Division I athletes and then professional athletes, both have always been in a position to contribute very positively to JATO.  They recognized the important impact their Mom had in the development of young athletes through the JATO sport camps and wanted to expand even further on now their dreams of advancing athletics.  Jay and Todd today put their stamp on sports through JATO.

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