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JATO has created the JATO Athletic Department (JAD) to allow customers to capitalize on the abundant sports industry. JAD is the structure that supports JATO’s ability to empower individuals to BE AN ATHLETE ® and organizations to ADVANCE BY ATHLETICS. JAD provides the appropriate consulting and services to optimize exposure to the benefits of sports including revenue, exposure and experience.

JATO has a specific focus on financial services for those in the sports industry including investment banking, project and niche financing, investments, endowments, real estate, and private strategy.

JATO divisions include apparel and merchandise, performance and athletic programs, multi-media, marketing, management, finance, travel and community relations. Each division is designed to leverage our resources and partners/alliances to optimize customers and partners at any level of involvement in the many areas of sports. JAD may act as an outsourced athletic department or provide assistance on a project and focused basis.


Exceptional strategy, ideas, insights, execution, and connections in the sports industry.

Services seamlessly executed technically and tactically through a combination of in-house and alliance partners capabilities.

Focused evaluation and strategic execution resulting in clarity, balance, focus and confidence.

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